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mile Science is a premier Teeth Whitening Specialist in the United Kingdom. For several years we have been the preferred teeth whitening company, providing unrivalled product quality and customer satisfaction.  With over 30,000 Chairside Treatments completed by us at prestigious locations, no wonder Smile Science remain one of the leaders in the field today..

As an innovator in Teeth Whitening Technology Smile Science are always working with FDA Approved Laboratories to find solutions to simplify and speed up the teeth whitening process; from our Non Peroxide Flavoured Teeth Whitening Pens to our Easy to Use Whitening Strips we now offer a large range of at home whitening products to suit all.

Smile Science is also an International Distributor for a wide range of the finest Teeth Whitening products and kits, all from approved FDA registered manufacturers in the USA.

If your business is looking for some of the best products available, with the knowledge that you are buying from Smile Science, one of the UK's leading brands in this field, browse our Wholesale pages for a selection of our Retail Packs designed for sale by Beauty Salons.